Our vision is to

Green the Road Ahead: Automate, Reduce, Thrive!


Our mission is to engineer and deploy Logistics Next Generation, leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to automate and streamline business operations. We are dedicated to delivering cost-effective solutions that not only enhance operational efficiency but also minimize environmental impact through optimized transportation practices. Our aim is to empower businesses to thrive in a sustainable, digitally-driven future.

What we offer

Experience a seamless, real-time cloud-based platform with LnAiOs, automating every facet of your transportation operations, from planning to execution and Proof of Delivery (PoD)/invoice submission. Our revolutionary system brings unmatched efficiency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness.


LnAiOs goes beyond mere streamlining; it empowers you to control and drive logistics success. With intuitive industry-leading capabilities, reduce freight costs, optimize service levels, and automate tasks, liberating time and resources for core business activities.

Our Solutions

  • Transportation Exchange Platform

  • Transportation Intelligence Platform

  • Billing Platform

  • Open Track & Trace Platform

Our Solutions

Transportation Exchange Platform

LnAiOs is a real time cloud-based Transportation Exchange Platform (TEP) designed to automate the end to end transportation activities in the supply chain. Combining ease of use with industry-leading capabilities, we enable you to reduce freight costs, optimize service levels, and automate processes to run your logistics operations more efficiently.

The Platform delivers value via Price Discovery, Improvement in Operational Efficiency via Process Automation, providing real time end-to-end visibility and Business Intelligence among lots of other features.

Transportation Intelligence Platform

An easy, fast and comprehensive platform which is specially designed to fulfill the current needs of the market with enhanced features:

  • Actionable Dashboard for real-time decision making
  • Branch and User wise analytics
  • Multiple logins
  • Keep track of actionable items
  • Additional Closure Workflows
  • Ability to Scale; Manage additional volume with existing resources
  • Generate a bill / invoice in less than a minute

Billing Platform

A Modular platform for Corporates, SMEs, Transporters, Commission Agents, Truck Owners, Brokers who are looking to streamline their day to day operations.

  • Load and Route Planning / Optimisation
  • Consignment Notes Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Trip Management
  • Last Mile Distribution
  • Financial Management
  • Analytics
  • Generate a bill / invoice in less than a minute

  • Tracking via GPS, Mobile Apps and Location Based Tracking

Open Track & Trace Platform

Manage tracking for all vehicles with real-time movement, ability to trigger location based alerts and historical playback. We can also integrate with your existing service provider

  • Integration with existing GPS based vehicles
  • Monitor all vehicles from within a single page
  • Information regarding Running Speed and Last Updated Location among other data points
  • Tracking via GPS, Mobile Apps